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We’ll do it LIVE!!

It with great pleasure and excitement that I announce this Saturday 5/30/2020 (and God willing every Saturday or anytime I want) I’ll be streaming live from my very own website! From the beginning of this pandemic / quarantine, I like many other DJ’s had taken to social media to provide good vibes and escapism for the public and ourselves by DJing live.... and like many other djs my efforts have been hampered by FB & IG with disruptions one way or the other. Because we don’t own the platforms we’re at the mercy of the gate keepers and bots of said social media platform.

This weekend I take control and begin building on the platforms that I own and will start performing live stream mix shows on I invite all who have rocked with me on radio, clubs or social media to rock with me live starting at 9pm est/ 6pm pst. With all that’s going on in the world and news we could all use a break by way of good music.

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